Measure B, also known as the County of Los Angeles Safer Sex In the Adult Film Industry Act, is the law that requires the use of condoms in all vaginal and anal sex

What is Human Trafficking? Download this Fact Sheet in PDF. Slated for the November 2012 ballot, Proposition 35 is an initiative that will fight back against human

Tools of the Trade: The Safer Sex Kit. For under 40 bucks, you can put together a handy safer sex kit with everything you need to help protect against disease and

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Comprehensive sex education addresses the root issues that help teens make responsible decisions to keep them safe and healthy. These programs use a holistic approach

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Safer Foundation is dedicated to promoting successful reentry and reducing recidivism through employment, education, and support services in Illinois and Iowa.

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Aug 12, 2016 · Authorities score a big legal victory by convicting 14 Texas sex slave traffickers, but a notorious alleged pimp remains on the run.

The term safer sex in Canada and the United States has gained greater use by health workers, reflecting that risk of transmission of sexually transmitted infections

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When you have a new baby, your house might seem a lot dirtier than it did before. The first time your little one stuffs a dust bunny or a desiccated housefly in her

International porn star Stoya talked exclusively to the International Business Times about safer sex in the adult entertainment industry.

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